Monday, December 13, 2010

Rock N' Lol HOF finally inducts Alice Cooper. Still ignores Rush and Kiss.


So the inductees for the RRHOF were announced and Alice Cooper got in. While this at first seems a step in the right direction, let me share with you who else made it to the class of 2011. Neil Diamond,Darlene Love,Tom Waits,and Dr. John.

Look guys and gals if you're going to do this why scrape the bottom of the barrel now? Hit a home run by inducting Kiss and Rush too. Bottom Feeders like Dr. John can wait another 20 years or so. Thank god Bon Jovi did not make it this year or I would have been seriously pissed. But let's not dwell on the negative and instead check out a tribute piece I did on Alice a couple of years ago when I didn't know how to not blow my wad on Halloween. Here you go and congratulations Alice Cooper!

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