Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pigskin Destroyer 666 Update: Playoffs Baby!


Fantasy Football can be crazy. Just two weeks ago after my second loss in a row I thought I was out of this thing. Then an ideal matchup against the worst team in the league allowed me to stay in. Well this week was the first week of the playoffs against Grover of TNOTB and you wanna guess the outcome? 142-70 pwnage from......That Devil Music. That's right I'm moving on to the semi finals against Desee, also of TNOTB,for the right to get into the finals.

So the Final Four is as follows:
Clowns with Downs(Me) vs. Drunk on Sunday (TNOTB)
In Flamers(Reign in Blonde) vs. #Sports(also RIB)

MVP:Deion Branch followed closely by Matt Schaub

So regardless of what happens I'm pretty happy with how the season turns out and I think That Devil Music represented itself well in this battle of metal bloggers. Stay tuned to see how potential battle of the sexes turns out.

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