Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sully Erna is embarking on a three week tour!

So thanks to Rob Liz for sharing this information with me:

According to The Pulse of Radio, it appears that Sully Erna is going to do a three week solo tour to promote and play his solo work, Avalon. I can definitely say I am extremely excited about this.

As you already may know, I blogged about this cd some time ago and also made it my pick of 2010. I'm praying to Goddess he comes to Northern California for one or more of his shows.

I'll post tour dates as they become available.

Here is my original review of his CD, Avalon.

To remind you of just how amazing this CD is, here's the video for Sinner's Prayer.

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Rob Liz said...

Wow I actually enjoyed that song.

Draeden said...

You should check out the rest of the cd... so good.