Friday, January 28, 2011

Bonded By Blood Sticks with Emergency Vocalist

What could have been a rough year for the Exodus infatuated boys of Pomona Ca. turned out pretty positive. Founding member Jose Barrales decided that he really couldn't be in a band after all and left a month after the debut of the second full length album 'Exiled to Earth'. So the rest of the guys got as a last minute replacement for the tour supporting the album a gentleman by then name of Mauro Gonzalez. It seems he did so well on such short notice filling in that he is now the permanent front man of Bonded by Blood. Does anyone else see a weird correlation to Exodus here? Blaloff only lasted for essentially one album (Bonded by Blood)? Coincidence?
Here is the new lineup with Mauro.

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Scott said...

Exiled sucked, however their first album Feed The Beast was 12 tracks of awesome exodus induced rethrash.