Saturday, January 29, 2011

Devil Music A-Z : Disturbed

Yep. I own some Disturbed. Physical copies even. Why, the elitist snobs might ask? Because I enjoyed the music, why else? When Disturbed broke through with the Sickness I was 30 and too old to be a scene kid at the time. They were a melodic metal band at a time when nu metal was trying to cement it's legacy and really just being a bunch of douches. After not hearing anything for so many years that made me want to revisit metal or hard rock and see what was out there, Disturbed was a breath of fresh air. When Believe came out it was a softer album then the first with even more melodic passage and catchy hooks so I thought these guys could be my new modern favorite. And it pretty much was so through the third album until I started really becoming aware of what else was out there on the metal scene.

Fast forward to now and I've discovered so many other bands that have more talent and creativity then Disturbed does. Disturbed has gotten used to being successful and it really shows on their latest effort Asylum if you want to call it an effort. There hasn't been any deviation from the last 3 albums and frankly I'm bored with them now. The songs are still catchy but when I'm saying to myself I've heard this before its time to move on. And I have. Thanks Disturbed for being the second generation gateway band for me and I will continue to listen to your music on my shuffle, but I'm seeing other people now. We can still be friends though right?

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