Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shuffled Playlist Random Thoughts: 1-29-11

Yep, it's the weekend and not much is going on. So time to spin the roulette wheel and tempt fate on what I have on my playlist. After the jump.

Old school rock with Sammy Hagar. 'I'll Fall In Love Again'. Man I dug Sammy Hagar when he was a solo act before joining Van Halen. I think the first song I remember from Hagar was Three Lock Box.I miss rock songs like this. You listen to the radio now and there isn't any real fun in rock music anymore. And if there is its forced fun that ends up being douchey music. Like Theory of a Deadman or Rehab. Sammy is an awesome dude though. The one time I saw Van Halen was with him at the front for a reunion tour. And he made that show. Eddie was not on and drunk I think. Sammy carried that show and kept the crowd in it. Here is the song in question and what I mean about Sammy being a great show man even in his 60's.

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