Saturday, January 01, 2011

Devil Music A-Z: Danzig


Time to sexy this blog up with the new years first entry on A-Z. Pasties on *cough* nuns and rippling muscles on Glenn Danzig. I aim to please as many demographics as I can. Actually Danzig holds a strange place in my library. A guy that looks like Elvis and sings like Morrison in a metal band. I didn't start following any of Glenn's music like most people my age until the first album released in 1988. I was never much of a punk guy so I didn't pay attention to the Misfits and only knew of their song Last Caress because of Metallica.
Over the next two albums Glenn and his rotating band members would put together some unique for the time albums. I lost track of them like most other things in the 90's but went back later to see what I missed and it wasn't much. Last year (wierd saying that)Deth Red Sabaoth was released to some acclaim but I have yet to listen to it. Maybe I will. After the jump is some Danzig videos that I remember.

The most famous and overplayed song by Danzig

First song I ever heard



Scott said...

I don't meant to correct you Rob, but the first 4 Danzig album were done by the same line-up. It wasn't until Danzig 5 when he decided he wanted to change directions that the band started having a more rotated and sessions style line up.

Rob Liz said...

Duly noted. Like I said I'm no expert on the group as a whole. Maybe I read somewhere that Glenn intended to have a rotating batch of musicians and because of the success just stuck with that lineup until it started falling apart.
These articles are more of just a spotlight on my feelings and impressions of groups in my library and not meant to be a true encyclopedia. Apparently that's a good thing because people would be correcting me all the time:P