Monday, January 10, 2011

Devildriver Wants You to Download A Song

Yesterday was kind of funny on the Facebook front. People are fucking stupid. So Devildriver is releasing the 1st song 'Dead to Rights' off of the new album Beast and it was announced that today was the day. So Metal Hammer has already released the song as part of a compilation cd with a purchase of an issue of the magazine. Guess what people do? They post links on the Devildriver page saying " I already have it and here's the link". Derp. This understandably pisses off the band and they state to not post links to the single on the page otherwise actions will be taken. The response is to point out that Metal Hammer already released it and why so mad? It's called damage control, dumbshits. Devildriver knew that it was being released but they didn't want a bunch of people downloading it early before they said it was ok.

Anyways it's official. The single can be downloaded at this location. Expect the site to have delays and timeout since it was just released 45 minutes ago(at the time of this writing). When you download it and listen come back here and tell me what you think of it.

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