Monday, January 10, 2011

Own Van Halen's Guitars for Just 90 Bucks!!!

Ok so the tagline is a bit misleading. Apparently you can now own replica Eddie Van Halen guitars at 1/3 the scale. These are supposed to be extremely detailed reproductions of the actual guitars Eddie Van Halen used when he was a guitar god and Van Halen was relevant.

I actually think these are pretty cool much like collecting die cast figures or NASCAR stock cars. Go to this to get more information and to peruse the site to see what other guitars they have.Because who really has 3000 bucks to own the real thing in these hard times amirite?

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Draeden said...

They have the same thing for Metallica and slayer.. pretty bad-ass.. I'd buy them if they weren't so expensive, and if I didn't already have enough stuff...