Monday, January 10, 2011

Lost your Warlock Albums? Polish Label Here to Help.


Anyone remember Warlock? Doro Pesch's band before she took on her own name as a band? I'm sure Europeans do. I owned True as Steel and Triumph and Agony on cassette. Well if anybody had the last three albums by Warlock and wants to relive the glory days,Metal Mind Records out of Poland is here to help. Hellbound,True as Steel, and Triumph and Agony are all be reissued with bonus tracks. Copies are limited to 2000 for each cd. Go here for more information. Personally I'd just find these things on Ebay or a record shop rather then order from Poland with bonus tracks that are actually pretty lame. But that's just me.


Anonymous said...

Metal Mind's reissues can usually be found on Amazon. They tend to be really affordable (c. 12 bucks), and they look and sound great. Sure, some of it is crap (seeing as they'll rerelease entire discographies, like that of the nosediving Tank), but they keep the bonus tracks to a minimum. Poland's not really the most obscure country anyways, and what they produce will more often than not get distro'd on our shores.


Rob Liz said...

Good information there, Alex. Thanks.