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Draeden's Movie Reviewz: Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny


I know, I know - this is an old movie but I'm sure there's a lot of people here who has yet to see this gem. So I'm gonna review it anyways, ya naysayers.

Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny stars the manic musicians of The 'D'; Jack Black and Kyle Gass. If you've ever heard their self-titled debut CD, then you're already one step ahead of the game.

Black and Gass star as, wait for it, JB (Jaybles) and KG (Kyle Gass) two hapless rock-Gods in training with two completely different ideas on how to get there. Kyle puts on a wig of flowing locks and takes his acoustic guitar to the beach to entertain the masses and get his band The Kyle Gass Project out there into the mainstream. There he meets JB, a starry-eyed youngster with a guitar and a dream to be the greatest rocker ever with his mission prophesied by the late, great Ronnie James Dio.

This movie follows the same premise as the cd's where they treat each other like total shit but are the closest "brothers" you'll ever come across.

Their tumultuous relationship is as rocky as the strange events they face throughout the movie. Upon discovering the secret to some of the greatest Guitar-God's success, The Pick of Destiny, they go on a cross country search to find the location of the fabled devil-horn fragment to become the greatest band EVER.

On the way they fight, make up, fight again, screw each other over, meet Sasquatch, crash a Frat party and gain assistance from a mysterious man with a really bad limp.

The music is brilliant, showcasing all that's awesome about Tenacious D, though I have to admit, unless you see the movie the soundtrack is not going to make sense as Rob and I learned at their live show years ago.

Try not to take this movie too seriously, this isn't Avatar or anything. It's just a fun, not safe for kids good time movie where if you'll find yourself laughing at the stupidest gags and the lowest of lowbrow humor.

One of the beat parts of this movie is the epic final battle with the Lord Satan himself as he fights for their souls against Rage Cage and Jaybles epic rock-ness.

If you get the DVD or Blue-Ray check out the bonus features for my fav song on the soundtrack (not in the movie) The Government Totally Sucks.

So go on, grab a weed and pizza combo, do some cock push-ups and enjoy a whole lotta laughs.

Here's the intro song with Meatloaf as JB's asshole Dad and Ronnie James Dio as the voice of inspiration and all that is awesome. RIP RJD.

JB meet KG

Check out the nail biting battle with Lucifer.

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