Sunday, January 09, 2011

Devil's Review: Artas - Riotology

It's been a long time since I've wanted to introduce myself to a band based on an album cover. Check out that cover there. It's like something off a fantasy novel I'd read. But don't let it fool you, the music within has nothing to do with swords and sorcery. Artas is a band based out of Vienna,Austria and according to Napalm they are labeled modern metal. Whatever that's supposed to mean. What you are actually going to get from Riotology is a solid melodic thrash album that actually reminds me in alot of parts of Susperia in their current form. At times it flirts with metalcore but never hits the annoying levels of that genre.You will also on some tracks find hints of death metal influences as well.

There are some unique things about this release. First of all even though they're in Austria there are some songs done in other languages. 'Rassenhass' I believe is in German. 'No Pasaran' is in Spanish.'Le Saboteur' is in French. Yet the rest of the album is in English. Being ignorant of this band I assume that is due to a mixed heritage of the band otherwise I really don't see the point of this.There is even a short ballad on this though it does seem out of place in the middle of all the other tracks.

Regardless no two songs sound the same on Riotology and this is a good thing. Mainly because it keeps the interest high though there are a whopping 16 tracks. The musicianship overall is good if not great. The production is heavy and punishing with emphasis on double bass and bass guitars. I think the guitars could actually sound crunchier in the mix but that's nit picking. Hannes, the vocalist does have a great range from roars to harsh melodic singing to clean. And of course being bilingual and being able to maintain the same vocal style for the foreign language tracks is no mean feat.

Overall this is a solid release and enjoyable if you like various forms of thrash metal. I'm actually curious to hear what their debut 'the Healing' sounds like now.And I think that is any bands goal when being introduced is to make people want to hear more. Artas Riotology does just that. Expect a release on 1-28-11 through Napalm Records.

Score: 7 Sins out of 10


Draeden said...

I would so buy that CD based solely on the cover..

Klangfarben said...

*Rassenhass*, not *Rasenhass*. Rasenhass in english means *lawn hatred*, but Rassenhass means *racial hatred*. But i don`t think that they are a NS ideological band. Knowing their lyrics from the 1st album i would say the song Rassenhass is more a parody or a side swipe about this thematic.

Rob Liz said...

Thanks for the insight Klangfarben. That was definitely a typo on my part as Napalm Records does have the spelling correct. I will fix it. Funny how one letter in a word can change the meaning of a song eh?:)