Sunday, January 09, 2011

Draeden's Time Machine: Dokken


Where else do I start but with my favourite 80's Hair Band Dokken. When I was in High School this was the band for me. I used to blast my Dokken Back For The Attack cassette nonstop. It wasn't until I almost wore that thing out when I went back in time through their earlier works to check out the hits from Breaking The Chains, Tooth and Nail and Under Lock & Key.

I don't know; it was something about Don Dokken's voice, George Lynch's technical riffs and solos, Jeff Pilson's masterful bass fingering and "Wild" Mick Brown's almost Animal (muppet show) like attitude on his drum kit.

The song-writing was as cheesy as you could get, but no better or worse than anything else coming out of the Hair Metal scene at that time. Though I think "Back for the Attack" was when they started growing up, songwriting wise: video subject matter is a whole other story.

They wobbled back and forth video wise from the dark and atmospheric Heaven Sent to the completely campy and downright retarded Burning Like A Flame with its monster-from-George's-Guitar and the guys dressed as Firemen. The best of the worst was the Dream Warriors song and video that they wrote for the Nightmare on Elm Street series.

For the most part, they stayed together through those years with only George Lynch leaving because he and Don couldn't get along and going off on his own to form Lynch Mob. Nowadays it's not really Dokken anymore. Though they're still putting out music, some good, most of it awful, Don and Mick are all that's left of the original line up and that's probably because Mick wouldn't leave Don even if he crapped on Mick's face.

Still, I'll always have the music and music videos from their heyday and was happy to have the opportunity to see them live some years ago (again, with only Mick and Don as the original members), and they put on a great show, still would have liked to see them with Jeff and George there, since for at least a while George and Don kissed and made up - albeit only temporarily.

Here are some of my fav Dokken songs and videos starting off with my personal favourite, Heaven Sent.

You can learn more about Dokken at their Website!

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Rob Liz said...

Saw them open for Priest on my first concert. Then again for Aerosmith. Decent shows.

Scott said...

So what were dinosaurs like back then?

Rob Liz said...

I wouldn't know. Dinosaurs were before my time. My generation hung with Mammoths and sabre tooth tigers.

Scott said...

Ah. I see. My mistake.