Friday, January 07, 2011

Draeden's New TDM Features

Just to let you all know, there's going to be some new features here on That Devil Music. On my end you'll be seeing a few reoccurring features each on it's own regular schedule.

I'm going to be spotlighting a kick ass guitar on Axe of the Month.

Rob Liz has his A to Z but I'm too impatient to wait to do certain bands so I'm going to randomly pick a band I've immersed myself into and give you a featurette about them on my Draeden's Artist Spotlight.

Sometimes you feel like going retro so I'm going to give homage to those bands of old that influenced and shaped the music we head-bang to today with my Draeden's Time Machine.

Revolver has it's "Women of Hard Rock". That Devil Music is going to spotlight its own smokin' hot babe with Draeden's Succubus Showcase.

We've done an interview here and there but I really want to make this a more common feature and give you guys our chats with these musicians on a more regular basis. That being said we will be giving you Devilish Interviewz. The Z makes it edgy.

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