Monday, January 10, 2011

Hammerfall Invites Trolling by Asking Fans to Submit Questions

Hammerfall is one of the longest running power metal bands in the world. They're still going strong today and are the primary reason Swedish bands weren't taken seriously in the States until the populace became aware of Opeth almost a decade later.
In preparation for another as untitled cheesy album set to be released in May the guys have set up a video blog channel and are asking fans to submit questions that will be answered each week. If I was to do this my questions would probably be 'Just how uplifting and soaring can ones spirit rise anyway?'. So it's probably best if I stay out of it. But hey if you're a power metal fan and want to geek out with the guys then head to Brave Words and get the full details. In the meantime here is a little ditty that is sure to run through your head the rest of the day. Feel free to curse me in the comments as a result.

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