Monday, January 10, 2011

Septicflesh Releases Album Title and Release Dates


I wish we'd just get the pertinent information all at once on new album news but then again I suppose it would kill the anticipation otherwise. So last year I spoke of a new Septicflesh single being relased. You can read that here. Since then it's reported today that the album will be entitled 'The Great Mass'. Pretty bleh album title if you ask me but I see them going for the stick to the Catholics angle. I mean the last album was called 'Communion' for heaven's sake(C wut I did thur?). Release dates are April 18th in Europe and April 19th in the U.S. This is how it's done,labels. Release them on continents a day apart not 4 months apart,right Sodom?

Expect this album to be even more epic in scope as it will have a 130 piece orchestra including haprischords and ethnic instruments along with a boys choir. I hope this doesn't turn into a clusterfuck of Therion proportions but based off the released single it's going to be pretty kick ass.

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