Monday, January 10, 2011

Allow me to introduce: Otherwise


Out of Las Vegas, NV comes Otherwise, "Dubbed the “#1 unsigned act in America” by FOX News, and the “#1 unsigned band in Las Vegas” by Xtreme Rock Radio 107.5" - and they're right. You might not have heard about them yet, but you will - this band has the perfect components that will ensure an eventual fan-following of immense proportion.

The music is pure and honest rock, and lead vocalist Adrian Patrick's voice is multi-tiered; pure and guileless in one moment; raw and assailing the next. Either way, he has an uncanny way to express himself and his emotions perfectly in these songs, and they're extremely relate-able.

His brother, Ryan Patrick on Guitar/Vocals, has an incredible finesse about his music and seems to be able to handle the simplest riffs and technical fingerwork equally. Flavio Ivan on Bass completes the main band members. It appears that they have touring musicians with them to give the concert goers a great show, but according to their official pages, it's only the two brothers and Ivan listed.

The songwriting is amazing and kind of brings me back to the early, honest days of grunge when these troubled icons wore their anguish on their sleeves, and as misguided teens, we all could relate. This foreboding music; more mature and perfected, appeals to those feelings without feeling isolated like we did back then. It's more like questing all those WTF's in your life, questioning situations and relationships and these songs express them faultlessly.

If you have means, pick up their music and support this incredible band. As of now, they're unsigned: so back this band before they take off so you can say you "knew about them back when...."

Here's my fav from them, Bloody Knuckles, Broken Glass:

Here is the video for their song, Lighthouse:

Here is their song I Am Spartacus from Some Kind of Alchemy:

For more information you can check out their Myspace!

Here's a link to their facebook, "like" them to keep an eye on this band, they're sure to go nowhere but up..

If you want to pick up their EP "Some Kind of Alchemy", you can download it from HERE!

If you'd like to download their self titled 2006 album from click here!

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Angry Metal Guy said...

... really? This is boring and the douchebag level is so high in that photo that I almost died from it.

Scott said...

"Dubbed the “#1 unsigned act in America” by FOX News,"


Draeden said...

Well, angry. You know that old sayin: Opinions and assholes. Everybody's got one. Apaarently you're the first asshole WITH an opinion. The stars must be in alignment.

Angry Metal Guy said...

That's cute. ;)

Doesn't make this band any less shitty, though.