Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sabaton's Back Catalog to Be Reissued in the States. Finally.


This is pretty cool news since I'm a fan of these guys. Nuclear Blast is reissuing the first four albums from Sabaton's catalog on April 14th exclusively in the United States.This will be the first time Sabaton's albums will become available over here and not an import.They will include bonus tracks and cover tracks on each.

This is cool because they have up to this point been primarily a European band and it goes to show that perseverance pays off and they are starting to finally get recognized out here enough to be able to do this. I recall a Facebook status update where they were happy to have cracked the Heatseeker chart and said they needed to get out here. And lo and behold their albums are going to be sold and they will indeed be out here in support of Accept.I must make that show.

The albums being Rereleased are:
Primo Victoria
Attero Dominatus
Coat of Arms

Go their main site for more info. Trailer of this news after the jump.

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