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Devil's Review: Hemoptysis - Misanthropic Slaughter

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By rlisenby at 2011-01-22

Anybody that visits Hook in Mouth should be familiar with the above artwork and possibly the band. A first look it could be assumed upon first impression that Hemoptysis is a pure death metal band. Well you would be wrong.Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona and led by Masaki Murashita, Hemoptysis is actually more akin to a blackened thrash band with death elements. Basically they are an extreme band that takes multiple elements and fuses it together to make riff oriented music that should please everyone that likes speed,thrash,and death metal. More on this after the jump.

Misanthropic Slaughter is the first full length album following on the heels of their 2009 debut EP Who needs a Sheppard? Set to be released on March 8 it's filled with 11 tracks and 50 minutes of some of the best extreme music I've heard in awhile. The songs range from just pure speed riffs with catchy hooks to fantastic leads to hitting melodic grooves, sometimes in the same song. Masaki is the lead vocalist/guitarist and his vocals have the fine balance that I like where it's harsh and raspy but comprehensible and fits nicely with the riffs in the background. The album was produced Ryan Greene who had also worked with Megadeth and Authority Zero and and it's apparent that a seasoned veteran is involved with this as it sounds great. Every part from the drums to the guitars to the bass are distinct.

Is it a perfect album? No and there really isn't any such thing as a perfect album but in an arena where bands tend to start sounding the same Hemoptysis manages to snap you from the at times sameness to some interesting parts that does not make this a dull listen.Bottom line is that this band has put together an excellent album for extreme music fans and needs to be heard. Currently they are unsigned but after what I've heard there should be no reason a label does not pick these guys up. The amount of effort in putting together such a good package needs to be rewarded.

The track list is as follows:
1. Misanthropic Slaughter – 4:37 – Explicit Lyrics
2. Hopeless – 5:24
3. M.O.D. – 6:20
4. Impending Doom – 3:46
5. And The World Dies – 4:19 - Explicit Lyrics
6. Interlude - :45
7. The Cycle – 2:58
8. Blood Storm – 5:33
9. Shadow of Death – 5:09 (Video Available)
10. Hadephobia – 4:14
11. End of Sorrow – 6:54

You can also go to their Myspace page or their official page for more information.

Here is the video for Shadow of Death.

Score:8 sins out of 10

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