Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This Just In From the Files of Please Don't.


Saw this on Blabbermouth. Apparently Tristar wants to do a casting call for tribute bands to be a part of a American Idol form of show. Twelve 80's tribute bands vying for what? A record contract? Is it just me or are these reality competition shows just milking every last ounce of ideas from these things? How about do a casting call for legit bands that play hard rock and metal? Why does it have to be a bunch of people that couldn't make it doing their own shit and live off the success of others? Why am I asking so many questions and expecting an answer?

Anyways, the only way I'd see this if it had the Iron Maidens, Mini Kiss, and the Atomic Punks. But overall this just smells of a bad idea that no one will watch. So just not do it. Mmmmkay?

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Scott said...

Record contracts are only a way for bands to get in to debt these days. I think it's best if a bands makes an effort to record an album themselves and then seek distribution. Unless you're part of the scene or something of epic proportion, you're not going to get much if any tour support, especially on American soil from an independent American label. Nawmeeen?