Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scott Ian: By Day A Rock Star, By Night a Comic Book Writer


So Scott Ian when not playing the Big Four Four shows and trying to keep Anthrax alive and relevant while at the same time ignore them for The Damned Things is also moonlighting as a comic book writer. Any long time metal fan should know that Scotty is a big comic book fan. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that he finally got to live a dream and start writing for DC comics starting with a Lobo series last year. Well now he is going to be writing a mini series involving the Demon (pictured above).

I haven't read comics in years since Joe Quesada started fucking with the Marvel Universe so I'm not sure how this news is received by the die hard comics readers but if it is negative. Here is Scotty's response to your scorn.


In fact here is what Scott had to say about it.

Holy crap I am excited to be writing The Demon for DC in 2011! I’ve been a fan of Etrigan since I was kid buying comics off of the racks. Jack Kirby created him for Hell’s sake and now I get to spew Hellfire like it’s never been spewed before. And I get to blow up Las Vegas.

It’s going to be a real vulgar display of power (pun intended).

Thanks DC for sending me to Hell and back!

-Scott Ian
You go Scotty. Live the dream. Live the dream. Just leave Marvel alone.

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Draeden said...

I LOVED the Demon series... Was the only DC comic series I ever read..

Gone, gone o form of man, and rise the demon Etrigan! or something like that.. :)