Monday, January 03, 2011

Shuffled Playlist Random Thought: 01-03-11


Going back over alot of old articles I realized.....HOLY SHIT! Has it really been almost a year since I did one of these things?!?!Since the news is still dead (I don't care who is on tour in Europe and neither should you unless you're European)and I don't want to blow my wad on reviews in one day so let's recap what this is and do another one shall we? No? Tough. Alright here's the deal, I have my handy dandy Winamp at the ready and loaded with all of my music. I will then click next on the shuffle and whatever comes up I ramble about. Now the trick is that it may very well land on a guilty pleasure or something not even remotely rock or metal. Because let's face it, life is much too short to just listen to the same style of crap day in and day out. I've already been outed once on this thing because I don't cheat so lets see what comes up after the jump.

Cool, it's Barren Earth's 'The Leer' off of the Curse of the Red River album. Which as it so happens was one of my top picks of the year last year. It's funny because I was asked to be a voter for the TNOTB's 1st annual Numbies Awards and originally I picked Mortemia's Misre Mortem album as my pick for album of the year. Mainly because I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. Well as it would happen there was no consensus on album of the year so I offered to change my vote to Barren Earth because while it was enjoyable it had alot more traits you look for in an album of the year. Plus I didn't think my vote would matter. That whole thing turned out to be such a clusterfuck that none of our votes mattered anyway and Ihsahn's album took it. Oh well I think I was noble and self sacrificing. Anyways, good ramble and it actually feels good to be doing one of these things again. Here is 'The Leer' in case you want to hear the track. It's good.


Scott said...

I also voted Barren Earth for Album of the year on that ballot, so technically it should have won with two votes but somehow Ihsahn won. However, I am loving the Ihsahn album. Let's see what comes up on my iTunes...Anthrax's The Enemy from Spreading The Disease. Not too shabby.

Rob Liz said...

Crazy hows it been so long since I did one of these. So basically the last time was before I tied into Facebook or knew any of you guys so no one really payed any attention to this feature.

If people like it I'll start to make it regular again. Or as regular as I can be.