Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shuffled Playlist Random Thoughts : 1-15-11


I think I'm going to start doing these regularly on Saturdays. There is usually nothing in the way of news or reviews to do most of the time. So why not press my luck for mockery on music tastes eh? Let's see what the old shuffle has to say about that after the jump.

Ugh. Guns N' Roses 'You Could be Mine'. I'm so done with G n' R. And this song. It got played to death when both Use Your Illusion albums came out. Probably thanks to Terminator 2 being a monster hit. I mean it was an ok song at first but just one of those filler songs that you don't actively seek out on an album. Oh well, my cred is still intact I guess. But speaking of Guns. I wonder if Axl is ever going to be man enough to play in the States? I really want to see what kind of turnout
there is. I know alot of clueless jackasses still living in the 90's will pay to see them. And then I can mock all the articles about people crying about late starts and tantrums.

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