Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Somebody Tell Mike Tramp This is Not a Good Idea Please.

Anybody remember Mike Tramp? Former lead singer of White Lion who brought us probably one of my most hated ballads of the era.

Well what is Mike Tramp up to these days? Still making music and apparently wants to try and revive gimic glam rock with a theme. Mike Tramp's Rock n' Roll Circuz is set to release it's second album on March 28th entitled 'Stand Your Ground'.
Look, I miss classic style of rock as much as anybody and I'm sure there is an audience for this but I don't think the world is ready to go retro 80's just yet. If you're songs are not strong enough on their own without having to rely on outrageous gimmicks and stage garb then why do it? I'm listening to the Myspace page and the music is pretty tame and generic. Defintely doesn't fit the imagery. So I ask you, does a band that looks like this

and plays Bon Jovi style music appeal to you?

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