Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tom G Warrior Makes Blasphemous Dildos in His Spare Time

I love it when musicians do art in their spare time. Most of them like Lars Ulrich and Paul Stanley stick to painting and it usually looks like something preschoolers did with finger paints. Enter Tom G Warrior(Thomas Gabriel Fischer) formerly of Celtic Frost and currently mainman of Triptykon. In his spare time he likes to make concrete masks of his own face with various degrees of paint and textures. And these beauties.

Yes. That is a dildo in the shape of a cross with Jesus hanging from it. And just like any other god hating European, safety first with Tom. As it states on the site, for display purposes only. Good advice Mr. Warrior. Seeing as those things are made of wood we wouldn't want a gynecologist having to pick splinters out of a heathen vagina would we?

You can go here to check out more of Tom Fischer's work. Oh and they're for sale too. Yay! Batteries not included.

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