Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TDM Answers A Question for Tarja



It seems lately I've had urges to commentate on interviews other people do with artists. Probably because the answers given to questions we want the answers to are pretty lame. This time we have Tarja being interviewed by Radio Metal. Here is the question in it's entirety.

Radio Metal: Out of curiosity, did you listen to the album Dark Passion Play? What do you think of Anette Olzon’s work?

Turunen: "I am not the right person to answer this question! I’m so sorry! (laughs)"

Radio Metal: I am just asking you what do you think of her way of singing, it is a simple question…

Turunen: "What I’ve heard… I wish all the band all the best and lots of happiness, that’s all I can tell you really."

Radio Metal: Do you think you could go back on stage with the band when time will have passed?

Turunen: "No… (laughs)"

Granted it's a troll question. But I think by now it should be answered with honesty.

Therefore I will answer it for her. Dark Passion Play was not written for Annette's vocal style. And it is very apparent on some songs like I don't know...The Poet and the Pendulum.There, was that so hard to say? It's not like you're ever going back to the band, Tarja. Though you two should get together and swap some songs. Let Annette do the covers of songs that are clearly out of your element.

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