Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Giant of the Mountain Wants You To Listen. Or Be Destroyed.


Well not really but if any of you are frequent readers to Metalsucks or The Number of the Blog you may recognize the name Lord Assenfroth. He is mostly responsible for the series of Trainwreck Tuesdays that forced Grover to listen to country and ultimately demoralized Grover to the point that I filled in on Shitty Music Saturday covering the Backstreet Boys.

Well Lord Assenfroth a.k.a Cody Daniels has a band of his own. A three piece from Plano,Texas called Giant of the Mountain. If you're a fan of stoner or sludge metal or any of their hybrids you need to check out GoTM. Currently they have a three song self titled E.P. that was released on December,31st 2010. You can check it out here and if you like it throw some funds their way at this location.

Lord Assenfroth thanks you for your patronage.


Draeden said...

Ooh... a chick?! I might like them! :)

Scott said...

I'm trying to get around to this as well. Had no idea it was Lord Assenfroth.

Rob Liz said...

@Draeden I highly doubt it.

@Scott I had no idea either until I saw the comments in Metalsucks for that former Attack! Attack! guy.

Erin said...

Ohh a lady!!! *instantly interested* i am the worst feminist ever. I checked out their bandcamp, sounded pretty good, might review them if I can cure that damn writers block this week. I blame Jersey Shore. Hail Lord Assenfroth!!!!