Thursday, January 06, 2011

Within Temptation Takes Lead in Worst Album Cover of the Year


Ok, I'm no art expert. I either like it or I don't. In this case of Within Temptation's cover reveal, not only do I not like it, I'm going to bitch about it. First of all the first thing that struck me is the text. A new listener is going to think the band's name is The Unforgiving and the album is called Within Temptation based on the difference in font size and positioning of the text. The art itself makes this look like its some tween crime drama novel. If it's supposed to be a soundtrack to a comic book and the cover is supposed to give clues to the concept, I already don't give a fuck about this album. There doesn't appear to be anything original in this thing at all.
Creepy mysterious old person: Check
Sexy main character with a gun: Check
Asian persuasion sidekick: Check
Kids in trouble: Check
Handsome male love interest also with a gun: Check
Cars and people running for their life: Check
Oh that explains it. WT commissioned the same guy that wrote the script for Bloodrayne to do this. See what happens when you work for Uwe Boll? You get stuck writing crappy concepts for Dutch bands that overextend themselves into regions they should just leave alone.

The album cover should have had the bands name on top, Sharon Den Adel dressed like this character in the middle in a alley or something and the album name on the bottom or in a corner somewhere. We get its based off a comic book. One that even rabid comic/metal fans are probably going to pass on.