Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Suffolk Votes for Dani Filth As An Icon, Then Sobers Up


I'm seeing this thing all over the interwebs the past two days and you can tell it's a slow news day when I post this after a Seahawks post. So Suffolk County in jolly old England decides they want to attract more tourists and hold a poll for icons of the region to put on posters and commercials stating "Come to Suffolk". Guess who wins in a landslide.Now look at that picture. Would you want that to be representative of your county for tourist to go visit? Come to Suffolk, where Cradle of Filth resides and records horrible gothy black metal. So after an uproar of wait a minute we don't want this shit, there has been a redo and all the votes for poor Dani were thrown out. Quotes Mr. Filth:

I've been in The Sun for worse. It didn't include Jesus or the government this time so I was slightly relieved but it's all been very weird. The whole thing was weird from the off, in concept, anyway. I feel quite knocked by the whole thing. They've tried to do one thing to prove a point that Suffolk is diverse or whatever and when it's not the painting of Suffolk they expected, they withdrew it.

Dani, the only people that are going to come to your county based on this thing are old people that can barely toddle on and off a bus and want to see the quaint cottages and listen to Benny Goodman. That would be like my county trying to drum up tourist business and have Papa Roach be the selling point. We'd be better off selling that C.C. Sabathia,Jeff Gordon,Jermaine Dye, and Mr. Miyagi are from here. Get what I'm saying?

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