Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Like the Seahawks Season, Halftime could be a Trainwreck


In a season where the Seattle Seahawks become the first team with a losing record to not only make the playoffs but also win their division, it looks like the halftime show is going to be just as much of a patchwork affair as the Seahawks offense.
Michael Wilton of Queensryche and Chris Degarmo formerly of Queensryche(who's departure spelled the demise of the band),Mike Inez of Alice in Chains,and some dude from Heart will be out there as representatives of the Seattle scene performing who knows that fucking songs from I guess everyones respective catalog. Maybe a montage of Rooster,Silent Lucidity,and Alone? I guess Duff Mckagan will be there too but no word if Welcome to the Jungle will be performed with Axl's permission.
How depressing is this? Well then again it is Seattle, the suicide and heroin capital of the U.S. I'm just hoping for an early exit by the Seahawks from the playoffs, much like I'm waiting for an early exit from most of these guys from the music scene(Inez is an exception).

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