Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Children of Bodom's 'Was it Worth It?' Video is Out.

I love press quotes from artists sometimes. Case in point on the track 'Was it Worth It?'. Alexi had this to say:

"The single is a total party song," says guitarist/vocalist Alexi Laiho. "It doesn't have your typical BODOM sound, but it's one of my favorites and heavy as hell!"
I wouldn't say this is a party song. At least not a party involving non metal heads. While I agree that it isn't a typical Bodom song the reason for that is that Alexi's "wow,wow,yeah,wow" vocals are buried and processed. Therefore I was not as annoyed. Still can't understand a thing being said though. The new video premiered and here it is after the jump. Do you think it's heavy as hell? Personally I've heard alot heavier stuff from a shitload of other bands.

Here is another quote from Alexei on the album 'Reckless,Relentless,Forever'.

"We worked super-hard on this album, at least for me it was pretty much no sleep or rest for six weeks," stated Laiho. "But we were determined to make the best COB album ever, so we were willing to do whatever it took. Of course, having our producer Matt Hyde kicking our asses 24/7 definitely made the results even better, so obviously we're more than anxious to get this album out there"

If you were going to make the best CoB album ever you would have hired a vocalist. I can't stress how much I can't stand Alexei's vocal style and that he should just stick to guitars and music arranging. Also stop with the lame attempt to be edgy and cool and just be a neo classical thrash band. Having the look of a metalcore band, with the song titles and lyrics of Kid Rock is not helping your cause.Oh and when I think of skaters and metal,it's still Municipal Waste. Lighting skateboards on fire and doing the guitar flip that was cool in 1986 just makes you look like out of touch douches. Oh wait.

For those of you that think I'm a dick and CoB is the best band ever look for the new album on March 8th.

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