Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sirenia's Enigma of Life Releases in North America Today

Yep. You may have read our reviews and hype leading up to this day. It got mixed reviews from a couple of us. Draeden loved it, I meh'd it. Regardless, it's out now and you can pick it up from the Amazon widget on the front page. Or by any other method you see fit.


The Ranter said...

It's already on iTunes, I see.

Sorta generic from the samples. I prefer Draconian...same genre, but a little more interest. A little generic. Maybe I'm wrong.

Rob Liz said...

Dude. Draconian is far superior to anything Sirenia has ever put out. There is no comparison at all. In fact I'm still waiting to see if Draconian is even going to release anything this year.

The Ranter said...

Draconian was a discovery for me. It's a genre that has been done to death...a genre that I "should" be tired of, yet the songwriting is so strong. I keep listening to their "contractually obligated collection of songs" (Burning Halo)again and again.

Just bought Ava Inferi, too. cool stuff.

Rob Liz said...

Actually The Burning Halo was a re-release of earlier demo work. and was delayed by a few years.I haven't actually listened to it. But yeah the first two Sirenia albums were pretty good if you like the heavier stuff. More of the Morten telling Tristania to kiss his ass because his band was better after he left. And then it becomes this watered down gothic rock thing it is now.