Friday, February 11, 2011

D'arcy Wretsky Is Doing Great Without the Smashing Pumpkins

Remember this girl? Bleach blond bassist for one of the most famous alternative bands of all time. Apparently she fell into heavy drug use and decided to go live on a ranch somewhere in the Midewest and get clean and live a normal life.

Yeah that worked out real well.

This is her now after she was arrested for letting her horses run loose all over town in Michigan I guess according to TMZ.

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So collagen in the lips and blemishes from I'm assuming meth and other stuff. Damn girl. Go back to that look in the first picture and get clean. You don't have to go back to the band or anything because it's not like the Pumpkins are doing much. But do you really want to look like Pam Anderson 10 years from now after a bender?

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