Saturday, February 19, 2011

Devil Music A-Z: Doro

This one won't be much about Warlock or any of my teen crushes I had on Doro Pesch the person. It's about Doro the solo artist.Following on the heels of my fandom of Warlock, Doro released Force Majeure which was intended to be a Warlock release but legality forced it to be otherwise. I was interested in what direction she was going to go with this album and it stayed pretty true to what had been released prior. A bit mellower and more radio friendly but there were some scorching tunes too. Then the self titled album was released and produced by Gene Simmons and what a stinker that was. That might have been the first time I threw out a cassette after buying it. I then deviated to other music and groups and really didn't check back in until many years later.

Going over her discography over the years since there was some hits and misses but overall Doro has really become a hard rock act. She's dabbled with electronic music and AOR music and some of its been good and some of it not so much. But she's still out there putting out albums and touring even if she's nowhere near as popular as she was 20-25 years ago. And she will always be the queen of heavy music. I don't care what anyone says. After the jump is some videos by Doro over the years.

Not Doro and Warlock. Just Doro.

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