Friday, February 18, 2011

Want to See A Rare 1981 Performance Clip of Motley Crue Then Bid on Ebay for Rare Items? Of Course You Do.

An Ebay power seller by the name of Eliteworks is doing something cool to promote his vintage memorablia items being auctioned off on Ebay. If you're anywhere near my age and fancy going back in time with promo kits, backstage passes and posters from the 80's you might want to check this out. In order to peak interest he's farming out rare video clips of some of the biggest bands out there to get people to come to his auctions. Case in point is this 1981 clip of Motley Crue covering the Beatles 'Papaerback Writer' on their second ever live show in support of Y&T. Apparently this song was dropped from the set right after in favor of 'Jailhouse Rock' that people will remember from their live show later.

Go to Elitework's auctions to see what kind of stuff he has. I can tell you there is alot of Crue and Kiss stuff but there is also items from Queen,Tesla,and Alice Cooper among others. So get your bandannas out and start last second snipering people for items you never in a million years would have acquired 30 years ago.

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