Monday, February 21, 2011

Devil Music A-Z: Draconian

It's a pretty slow news day so I figured I get another one of these out of the way. and actually this one will be easy since I essentially did it a year ago. You can read my entry on Draconian here. I would like to add some things to that now.

Very few bands have gotten me anxious to hear anything like Draconian has. As my involvement in this blog increases I'm inundated with news on tons of bands both signed and unsigned, obscure and uber famous. So it only adds to it when one of my favorite bands of recent years gives absolutely no updates in any shape or form. They do have a Facebook page but it's administered by someone not in the band and it stays very quiet for long periods of time. In November it said they were in the studio and to expect a Spring Release but unlike their contemporaries there are no teasers or album info to date. So Draconian, if you read this give us some updates on what's going on please. In the meantime here is a clip of 'The Amaranth' of the first full length album Where Lover's Mourn.

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