Monday, February 28, 2011

Devil's Review: Scale the Summit - The Collective

This is probably my first time reviewing an all instrumental album. So bear with me if it's not as long as some others. Much like the song lengths on Scale the Summit's new album 'The Collective'. Having just discovered this band last month I'm not as up on the goings on as I'd like to be but seeing this is only the second full length I'm not too far behind.

Occasionally I like to break from brutal growls or soaring vocals and just sit back and chill to some good instrumentals. And Scale the Summit does deliver on this album in terms of at times jazz influenced prog rock/metal compositions. I think I would have preferred at least an extra two minutes on some tracks though because songs like 'Origin of Species' and 'Emersion' are under three minutes which doesn't allow time to get immersed in what's going on. In fact the short length of tunes at times blends in too well with the longer tracks that do follow where you're not sure of when one ends and another begins.

But in the end the musicianship is great and the production is fantastic where you do hear every note distinctly along with the rhythm section. There are no nuances missed and it's a pleasant listen for those people that do like instrumental music. If you have to have lyrics in your music you'll need to pass this up. 'The Collective releases tomorrow and you should find it on the Amazon Widget on the front page or on Itunes.

My score: 7 Sins out of 10

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