Monday, February 28, 2011

It's 1987 All Over Again. Motley Crue and Poison To Tour Together. Sometimes.

So on the Piers Morgan(who?) show on CNN Bret Michaels came on and announced a tour of two of the greatest 80's butt rock bands. This is pretty funny for a number of reasons. Weren't these two going through a battle of words about not touring together? Not to mention that with Bret Michaels and Mick Mars basically being medical miracles that they're even alive how many of these shows are going to actual happen due to poor health. Then the tour dates being announced. Sort of. I see alot of part time touring with Bret Michaels going off solo in between dates with just Poison much less Motley Crue too.

I don't know. I saw these guys during their heyday in 1987(hence the title of this article)and Poison was fun but dudes were not the demographic for them. Motley Crue was not very good with the only highlight being Tommy Lee's aerial spinning drum kit. Most of the band was drunk and not playing very good. So 25 years later I can't see this getting any better. But hey, if you dig these bands still and enjoy the same tunes that have been played to death since the 80's then keep an eye out on March 18th for the Glam -e- gedon tour(herp derp)dates and ticket prices.

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