Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Evergrey New Album News

I keep neglecting to post this up stuff up here. Evergrey is one of those bands I always wanted to like but just couldn't quite do it. But I know they have alot of fans out there so since they made a new video for a song on the new album I guess I should put some pertinent information out there.
'Glorious Collision' releases on Febrauary 22nd in the States, 25th in Germany, and the 28th for the rest of the world. Wait, the U.S. is first? I thought only Dimmu Borgir did something like that these days. Anyway. here is the track listing.

'Leave It Behind Us'
'Restoring The Loss'
'To Fit The Mold'
'Out Of Reach'
'The Phantom Letters'
'The Disease ...'
'It Comes From Within'
'I'm Drowning Alone'
'... And The Distance'
'... And The Distance (Carina Bonus track)

After the jump is the new video for the song 'Wrong'.

As much as I don't want to say anything negative about this band because they are good at what they do just not my bag, that has got to be the worst artwork they've ever had on an album.

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