Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Devil's Music A-Z: Dominia

Things are real slow right now so let's get another entry out of the way shall we? This is an interesting one because I found this band by accident when I was briefly doing the unsigned and unknown feature from Myspace. Dominia was one of the few bands I really enjoyed their music from and accepted a friend request.I guess you can say they are a symphonic blackened gothic band from Russia. They can be pretty heavy but at the same time incorporate strings and keys. Good stuff and as far as I know they are still unsigned after releasing two full length albums. Which I don't get because these guys are really good and could compete on labels such as Season of Mist or Napalm.Here is a video they did to get a sense of what I'm talking about. Check them out.

This song is so bad ass and is probably my favorite Be prepared for some sexiness in it as well.

Check out more on their Myspace

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