Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Judas Priest To Play a Song from Each Album On the Farewell Tour?

Judas Priests latest update on their official website suggests they are considering playing a track from each album as part of the setlist. And they want the fans suggestions on what those should be. Personally I think just like many decisions of Priest over the past couple of decades that this may or may not be a good idea. Because let's face it, even diehard Priest fans with half a brain will say there was some stinky material in their discography. But for giggles after the jump here is my suggestion. Then tell me in the comments what yours are and if you put it on their site.

Rocka Rolla: I prefer Caviar and Meths but for a live setting it has to be the title track
Sad Wings of Destiny: Victim of Changes. Because none of the other songs would translate very well in a live setting.
Sin After Sin: I prefer Starbreaker or Diamonds and Rust but Sinner would be better for a live show.Funny how the first song is my picks so far.
Stained Class:Evil Fantasies. Get your funk on for once Priest. Especially since the lyrics would be even more hilarious now that the world knows Halford is gay.
Hell Bent for Leather:The Green Manalishi.No question.
British Steel: Well everyone wants the overplayed songs but since this is my list fuck everyone else. 'You don't have to be old to be wise'. It's the perfect song for aging rockers saying goodbye.
Point of Entry: Desert Plains. Best song on the whole damn album.
Screaming for Vengeance:The Electric Eye. Favorite song on this album to this day.
Defenders of the Faith:The Sentinel. Epic song for an epic set on a farewell tour.
Turbo: Turbo Lover I guess. Bust out with the synth guitars for old times sake.
Ram It Down: Blood Red Skies. The only good song in a sea of cheesy horribleness.
Painkiller. Title track and get it over with.
Jugulator: Tim Owens guest spot and pick one.
Demolition: See Jugulator
Angel of Retribution: Judas Rising
Nostradamus: One of the interludes.

So there you go. That would be my picks. What would be yours?

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