Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Poll Results: No One Cares About the Big Four News

Well I shouldn't say no one. 21 people responded but it was an overwhelming 11 of those people that chose Who gives a fuck as their answer. So I guess my aggravation and annoyance was unjustified. Though I still stand by what I said. Don't build up something to be something it's not. And then have the nerve to act like you don't think there was going to be a demand anyway.A full Big Four reunion would be huge here in the States and everyone with half a brain would agree. Even the shit talkers that say they don't care know this would be huge.


Scott said...

I think more people would have given a fuck if it was more than just one show out in Cali.

The Klepto said...

Even with a tour, ticket prices are going to astronomical. $200+ for the nosebleeds? Pass. While I do like the acts involved, there aren't many bands, or combination of bands, that I would shell out $200 for.