Friday, February 04, 2011

Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem Might Actually be Worth Watching.

So Rob Zombie is making a new movie. It's called the Lords of Salem and yes it's named after one of his songs. It's going to be about modern day Salem residents invaded by witches from 300 years ago or something. Here is the *if's* that might make it watchable.
1. Sherri Moon is not in it. Or if she is she's naked and doesn't speak.

2. The residents of modern day are not despicable white trash folk in Massachusetts.

3. And the violence is believable in the sense of not just brutal for the sake of being brutal.

4. The people that produced Paranormal Activity are supposed to be involved in this. I don't know if that means this will be good or not since I didn't see either one.

Guess we'll have to wait for the trailers next year to see if this is going to be worth it or not.


Draeden said...

So far, me likey.. I saw Paranormal Activity 1. Was pretty decent. As long as this isn't like that (ie - security cameras in homes) I might wanna see this.

Tiamat Dragonsong said...

I'm so in. He inspires the Lilith in me.