Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rodrigo Y Gabriela to Score Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Wait what?

Why are these two so happy? They just 'scored' a huge paycheck is why. According to Metal Insider Rodrigo Y Gabriela are on tap to work with Hans Zimmer on the score for Pirates of the Caribbean 4:On Strange Tides. It just seems a couple of months ago these two were an extremely talented becoming known for their acoustic version of Metallica's 'One' and Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" and now they're scoring films? Don't get me wrong I love flamenco guitar and what these two bring to the table is unique due to their metal influenced background but I never pictured them scoring a blockbuster movie.

I was going to have to dismiss this entry in the Pirates series due to it being an obvious milk the franchise for more money thing. But now I want to hear the soundtrack and see how it's incorporated in the movie. Damn you Disney. I was trying to be a rock! If you're wondering why this news is so amazing here are a couple of videos to familiarize you with what these two are about musically after the jump.

And of course the afore mentioned Orion

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