Friday, March 11, 2011

Dark Castle Want You To 'Surrender To All Life Beyond Form'

Dark Castle is one of about 10 bands I kind of fell in love with when I went through a post-metal/sludge/doom phase a couple of months ago. They were one of those bands I discovered by checking out other friends of friends on Mockingbird's myspace after Paul introduced me to them. They are a duo that plays the post-metal sludge sound that a lot of bands are playing these days. Kind of like Mouth Of the Architect and Intronaut best describes their sound. Also, you probably wouldn't know it unless you were following this band for awhile, read in to their bio or heard their first album, but the frontman is actually a front...woman.

They are about to release their second full length album and follow up to 2009's 'Spirited Migration'. The new album, 'Surrender To All Life Beyond Form' will see it's release on Profound Lore records on May 17th and features guest performances from Nachtmystium's Blake Judd, YOB's Mike Schiedt and U.S. Christmas' Nate Hall.

Surrender To All Life Beyond Form contains 9 tracks, one of which you can listen to and download for free HERE. The press release at Profound Lore claims that this is going to be Dark Castle's "most immense and extreme sounding work to date". Track list is below and check out Dark Castle at Myspace.

1. Surrender To All Life Beyond Form
2. Stare Into Absence
3. Create An Impulse
4. Seeing Through Time
5. Heavy Eyes
6. Spirit Ritual
7. To Hide Is To Die
8. I Hear Wind
9. Learning To Unlearn

Dark Castle is:
Stevie Floyd - Guitar/Vocals
Rob Shaffer - Drums/Vocals

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