Friday, March 11, 2011

Sumerian Records Owner Mad About Music Pirates. Opens a New Record Store.

While I'm not a fan of most of Sumerian Records lineup I have to give props to Ash Avildsen for doing something most people in the industry don't do. And that is not only express anger at music piracy but actually try and do something about it. You see a few days ago he went on Facebook and threw out a tirade about people leaking the new Born of Osiris album. You can get the full details over at HBIH. But instead of just throwing a temper tantrum as misguided as it sounds like it is Ash is actually opening a new record store in L.A. And not just any record store but he's got some ambitious ideas for it as well. Check out the details here.

As I said I'm not a fan of the bands involved in this grand opening but hopefully this is something that other label owners attempt to do, because lets face it. CD sales are down partly because some albums are only available in digital format and can't be found at retailers.Period. So the only choice is to go digital. Especially in the metal circles so if there are more stores to go to and actually browse I'm willing to bet metal fans will actually go back to the old days of buying up stacks of cd's and vinyl. Provided they're priced reasonably.Let's hope so.

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