Thursday, March 03, 2011

Happy 25th Anniversary Master of Puppets

Yep, that's right on this day in metal history one of the greatest metal albums of all time was released. Master of Puppets cemented me as a fan at least for the next few years and cemented Metallica's legacy as the most popular metal band ever.Everything Metallica has done has been in the shadows of Master of Puppets because Puppets was the pinnacle of what this band could achieve musically. More after the jump.

You had your blazing fast thrash tune in 'Battery'

You had what I believe is the original and best form of progressive thrash in the title track of sorts 'Welcome Home Sanitarium'.

And then you also had one of the greatest instrumentals of all time in 'Orion'.

And in between that you also had the unsung tunes that proved to me my favorite Metallica tracks like 'Leper Messiah'.

So in honor of one of the greatest classics of all time go ahead and crank this album in all it's glory and continue to wish Metallica will ever achieve the heights musically that Master of Puppets was. R.I.P. Cliff, you are still missed.

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