Tuesday, March 01, 2011

In defence of...Vampires Everywhere!


Rob Liz, and I assume the majority of the metal community, holds Vampires Everywhere is very low esteem. Rob has even gone as far as to dissect the band's history written by lead goth Michael Vampire, and add his own critiques (very humourously) here and there: and you can read it here.

As a kid I've always been fascinated with vampires - remembering fondly the many times I would watch classics on TV safely hidden under my blankets. Salem's Lot, Dracula and even the old Hammer films were a huge part of my formative years. That is, however, not the case here - I'm not into this band because they think they're vamps or want to be vamps.

Though I do love the mystique and predatory nature of the vampire and I have to admit, the imagery as well, my enjoyment of Vampire's Everywhere is purely musical. There's a lot of people out there who think Autotune doesn't belong in metal or even music for that matter; I'm not one of them.

I love Autotune. I think T Pain is a freaking genius. If had means, I would get the software needed to autotune just about anything and everything I did. I would do my answering machine and voice-mail message in Autotune and though people might not call me as often, I'll love the way it sounds.

When Rob first warned me about bands like VE and Attack Attack outwardly I was all WTF but inside I was giddy with excitement. To me, Autotune is like magic shell on ice cream: it doesn't need to be there but it makes it taste so much better.

I'll have to admit, Autotune doesn't make a musician or band great - there has to be talent and creativity there to start with so when it's used, it's done right. Attack Attack! didn't really do it for me, they had a couple ok songs but for the most part I've deleted their discography from my iTunes.

VE wins by a landslide. They have the goth image, great music, dark subject matter and of course the Autotune which all blended together makes for one of my favourite bands. It's mostly about the music for me though. I think it's good and though they may cater to annoying as shit Emo teenagers, they don't have exclusive rights to be their fans.

Vampire's Everywhere works. Try to get past the things that you think are gay and you'll not only find great music but a band with the foresight to take something that people think doesn't belong in this genre and fitting it in perfectly and for me, proving those people wrong.

Rob has said multiple times with Battlelore that I'd you can get past the imagery, the music is fantastic. I feel the same about Vampire's Everywhere.

So here's their first video, Immortal Love, from their EP released last year. Try to enjoy.

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Scott W said...

I got past all the "Gay" stuff, just to find everything else about this band was undesirable, to put it politely. It's gothscremocore and the Autotune doesn't help.

Rob Liz said...

Sorry my earlier post struck a nerve. I will now strive to peel away the layers that are inhibiting my ability to fully appreciate the dulcet sounds of screams like you're being eaten alive while at the same time grasp at the fading trend of autotune.

I will also strive to view Twilight as the masterpiece of modern literature and cinema that it truly deserves to be.

Draeden said...

lmao...troll. :)