Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Kirk Hammett to be on That Metal Show \m/


I'm a huge fan of That Metal Show on VH1, and I always watch it On Demand as new episodes appear. This is one I'm really excited about. We haven't heard much about Metallica lately and it's gonna be good to hear what's in the works for the boys.

Rob Liz mentioned earlier in the year that he's excited for Metallica's new release, going under the assumption that it takes them X amount of years to release one album to the next album.

I loved Death Magnetic and I hope that this continued upswing for the band isn't temporary.. As most fans remember, St. Anger was a pile of crap; I have my fingers crossed that it ends up more like this.

Keep your tv tuned to VH1 Classic March 19th at 11:00 to find out what's been up with Metallica! FTW!

For more details check out That Metal Show's offcial website here!

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1 comment:

Rob Liz said...

No I'm not excited per se. I'm just intrigued if they do release something this year(which is looking more like next year) if it's going to be more of a progression from Death Magnetic or the same out of touch crap they put out previously.