Saturday, August 07, 2010

The best and worst of Facebook fan pages

I've got a alot of band pages I've fanned up so I can get live feeds from any news they may or may not have on Facebook. Sometimes it works out because I've occasionally received breaking news before Blabbermouth on a lineup change or a break up or a album release. Most of the time it's just clutter on the page though. I have my favorites and then I have some that I wish I could unlike. Let's start with the how not to do it after the jump.


Disturbed by far has the most annoying wall feeds. If you like your bands to be narcissistic and treat their fans like it's an issue of Teen Beat, then this is the page for you. Let's go over few status updates excluding the annoying spam for each and every show they're doing in England.

"TRIVIA: Who did the cover art for Disturbed's 2005 album "Ten Thousand Fists"?
Umm...who really cares? If you like comic book art it was a cool cover but who is really obsessed with the band to know that?

"How many Disturbed albums are in your collection?"
All of them so far but if I said none would you send the mafia at me? Seriously looking for self assurance that people buy your stuff guys?

" Have you pre-ordered Asylum yet? Which version did you get?"
Seriously guys shut the fuck up. People are going to buy your shit. Relax.

In between these gems of personal interaction are behind the scene photos and merch whoring. And that's all fine but my main focus is on the status updates where someone is actually typing out something and not copy and pasting an update.

Now let's move to my favorite.


3 Inches of Blood treat the Facebook page like it's your coolest friend going out and partying every night. The kind of friend that listens to metal but geeks out on movies and videogames too. Here are samples.

"what makes a man, is it the woman in his arms? just cause she has big titties?
or is it the way, he fights every day? no, it's probably the titties"
Truer words could not be spoken.

"MAGNUM FORCE rules! All hail Dirty Harry! -jhag"
These guys are watching Clint Eastwood on the bus between shows. How cool is that?

" Show went pretty well in Virginia Beach today. Lots of cool fans at the signings, thanks for coming and saying hello. Can we please get one day where its stays cloudy all day?"
See what I'm saying here? A very down to earth, personable, and gracious post.

Now they do post concert dates and any press they get which is fine and professional but they're not so self absorbed in themselves either. Now you may be asking why the hell I have Disturbed as a fanpage anyway. Because I like their music. As do millions of others. That is why in honor of 3 Inches of blood being the cool dudes that they are I'm going to not just do a link to their Myspace. I'm going to post a clickable banner so you can check out the new deluxe rerelease of Here Waits thy Doom. Because they deserve to sell as many albums as Disturbed does without losing their soul.

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